37 x 13.5 R17 inch Atlas M+S 14 Ply, Tyre 


The Atlas 14 Ply Tyres have been specifically manufactured by Atlas working with Earthcruiser to manufacture the highest rated tyre of its size and type in the world.

Load Index M = 2300kg

Speed Index 137 = 130km p/h

14 Ply Load/Tyre face + 4 Ply side wall

It has been produced to offer a true Off-Road Tyre, capable of handling up to approx. 9000kg GVM. Allowing Earthcruiser to use in arduous conditions at 7000kg GVM with ease.  Asymmetric tread pattern design for better drainage performance inside and grip performance outside, excellent steering and handling performance, and manufactured with the highest quality materials available and the most advanced technology in today’s market.


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