Warren & Libby’s Earthcruiser

This is the icing on the cake for us at Earthcruiser.  We’ve been working our little behinds off to get this baby done and here she is, done and now dusty, as we’ve been out and about with her.  A rarity for us, as we barely get to venture anyway past the workshop but we wanted to see how the “Little One” goes, and goes she does, she kept up with the Mogs at this year’s Mogfest @ Bylong.

See the video footage below or copy and paste this URL into your browser:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRI-hU7it58&feature=youtu.be

She also had a leisurely trip to Wollondilly River Station; we thought you might enjoy seeing the little 320 out amongst the surrounds.

This vehicle is our new latest addition to Earthcruiser, being our first 320 (3.2m camper body) this compact “Little One” is a real powerhouse, she’s got Grace and Grunt and being so compact, an excellent 4WD contender for those that like to rock and roll in their vehicles.  The 320 also offers the option to be driven on a standard car license or an MR license, depending on your particular requirements.

This demo also features a removable skybed (1700 long x 650mm wide) attached via the front wall and 2 slots in both side walls with a high grade, lightweight aluminium tube which is spring loaded for ease of assembly.

We’re not sure how long we’ll have her for as our Iveco Dual cab Demo vehicle only lasted a couple of months, so be sure to get in before she goes away and make an appointment to inspect and test drive this little wonder!

With an Iveco Demo onsite, we’ve made some time to have to a bit of fun with the Earthcruiser and had a few outings as of late, we thought you might like to view the footage if you don’t use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Our feelings about the Earthcruiser, as biased as they may be have now been confirmed – Why would you buy anything else in a Motorhome!

The 320 Earthcruiser is:

  • Small enough to experience the narrow 4WD trails
  • It’s got enough grunt to scale the most difficult terrain
  • It’s compact enough to maneuver under and around obstacles
  • But then it’s luxurious enough to accommodate all you needs after a big day of adventure driving.

Just watch our videos and you’ll understand what I’m talking about!  Enjoy!

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