NEW! 7 Tonne Expedition Earthcruiser Iveco Daily Euro 6 – Available in a 3.2, 3.6 and 4.4m camper


  • 3L 180hp/430Nm, Turbo-diesel 
  • 7 Tonne GVM – Light Rigid Licence
  • 8 Speed Hi-Matic Automatic Transmission (6 speed Manual transmission available)
  • 100L Water Standard (Additional 400L available)
  • 90L Fuel Standard (Additional 400L available)
  • Upgraded 85L Adblue tank
  • 3 Step Electric Entry Steps
  • 17″ Forged Alloy Rims (2250kg load rating)
  • 37″ Kevlar-reinforced Mud Terrain Tyres (2300kg load rating)


  • Resculptured Driver and Passenger seat (covered in leather)
  • Walk through to camper


  • Fully moulded in one piece
  • High Density Thermal Foam Walls, Floor and Roof – (For Strength, Heat and Cold Protection)
  • Integrated Awning
  • 3 Exterior Emergency / Camping LED Spot Lights
  • 2 Opening Windows, Fitted with Fly-screen and Block-out Blinds
  • Entry assist handle
  • All new Double Leaf Door

Interior / Electrical:

  • Multiple camper configurations available for 320,360 and 440 campers
  • Bedding will vary with layout (single – queen bed layouts available)
  • High Density Mattress with Memory Foam Topper
  • Fold Down Swivel Table with Legs for Outdoor Use
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Cruise Control
  • 270w Solar Panels  (Additional 405w-675w of Solar available)
  • 1800w Inverter / Charger (3000w Inverter upgrade available)
  • 3 x 120amp AGM Batteries (Lithium 800amp Earthcruiser Battery and BMS available)
  • Touch Screen Control (80+ Functions)
  • Water Pump
  • Interior Lights
  • Stainless Steel Sink and Tap Mixer with Pull Out Hose
  • Fresh Water Drinking Fountain with Purifier
  • 122L Internal upright compressor Fridge/Freezer
  • Internal Shower
  • Internal Toilet
  • Diesel Cook-top
  • Diesel Heater – Air & Water – Air – Climate Control – Water – Continuous Hot Water

Optional extras available

  • Winch Bullbar
  • Scrub Bar
  • Air Intake Snorkel
  • Bilstein shock absorbers
  • Airbag System fitted with driver console 4 x independent air bags (runs off fitted compressor)
  • Second spare wheel carrier (Including winch assist, spare wheel, tyre & 2 x wheel covers)
  • Additional Solar Panels (405w-675w of Solar)
  • Front 20,000lb Runva Winch
  • Rear 13,000lb Runva Winch
  • LED Light bar (If purchased with Scrub Bar)
  • Spot Lights Hella HID
  • Lithium 400amp House Battery
  • Lithium 400amp Start Battery
  • 80 Channel UHF (GME) with aerial
  • Celfi 100dba Booster and Aerial 4G modem
  • Reversing camera (Dual camera setup)
  • DVR – Digital video recorders with 1080p HD cameras
  • Upgraded Sound system featuring Hema mapping, Bluetooth & Iphone connectivity
  • Roof mounted Fans
  • EarthAir – Rear Mounted Air Conditioner
  • 68L Locker Fridge
  • 2.5kg Washing Machine
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Side Toolbox(s) – Approximate size 300 x 450 x 450mm

Please contact sales@earthcruiser.net.au for additional information on pricing and available options

4×4 Expedition Vehicles for Sale Australia

We Have 4×4 Expedition Vehicles for Sale in Australia

If your idea of an adventure includes packing some of your belongings and exploring the road or the great Outback, then you require the equipment to provide a comfortable experience. Picture taking on harsh terrain in your standard car with no innovative gear or space to move. Consider one of our 4×4 expedition vehicles for sale in Australia. We have a wide range of vehicles that we prepared to take you out on an adventure. The EarthCruiser is not an ordinary camping vehicle but a unique piece of equipment that we’ve created out of passion and personal experience.

Benefits of Driving Our Expedition Vehicles in Australia

Comfort and reliability are the main factors to consider when travelling across the country. The reliability of the vehicle you’re travelling in is directly proportional to the comfort you enjoy on the road. We can provide extensive knowledge and research on the best expedition camper for you. Our expedition vehicles have been through rigorous field testing to ensure that it not only meets but exceeds Australian standards. Whether you decide to take a trip around the country or even around the world, you require an expedition camper for sale. These are the benefits you can enjoy when you acquire these versatile vehicles:

  • When you own an expedition vehicle, you have no restrictions in terms of where you want to explore. Whether you fancy the coast or the Outback, you can become your own travel guide. The best part about your itinerary being flexible is that if you love a particular location, you can extend your stay a few more days because you have the freedom to make that decision. If you’re visiting friends and family far from home, the expedition vehicle provides a space for you to ‘camp out’ in as opposed to imposing on their personal space. Furthermore, you can park your vehicle outside the house, get some decent rest and spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • Perhaps one of the more considerable benefits of using these versatile vehicles is that you don’t have to worry about booking accommodation. Finding the ideal hotel or lodge in terms of location and price can be tricky, especially during high season. However, you eliminate the browsing process by simply hopping onto the back of your vehicle, where a comfortable bed awaits you.
  • Not everybody loves travelling long hours on the open road. New generations have become accustomed to certain creature comforts that they may not want to give up. However, with the fully-kitted vehicle, you can convince them thanks to certain features such as a fully-operational shower, fridge, and bed. Having these luxuries while travelling will make the journey more comfortable.
  • Acquiring a four-wheel-drive camper may require a significant initial investment. However, when you consider the returns you enjoy, it’s a cost-effective acquisition. You eliminate the majority of travel costs and save by staying at camping sites along your route. Since a fridge is in the vehicle, you can stock up on food and drinks that you require and save money by reducing your spend on the road. You merely have to take care of the fuel costs for the journey.

What to Expect From EarthCruiser Regarding Expedition Vehicles for Sale in Australia

Our vehicles, such as the Iveco Daily 4×4 Van are the first of their kind in the world with a proven track record. There’s a growing list of 4x4s that can accommodate our setup, and our product is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that we sell them in the United States alongside a list of international partners.

  • The new 7t expedition vehicle is available in three different lengths – 3.2, 3.6 and 4.4 metres. With a three-litre, turbo-diesel engine pushing 180 horsepower and 430 Newton metres of torque, you can rest assured that you have ample power to take on normal and rough terrain. The 37-inch Kevlar-reinforced mud-terrain tyres are the ideal partner to the eight-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual. In terms of tanks, you get a 100-litre water standard and a 90-litre fuel standard with an additional 400-litres available.
  • The camping section of our expedition campers from Australia is one solid moulded piece with high-density thermal foam walls, floor and roof. These are ideal for strength, heat and cold protection. You can enjoy the integrated awning with an entry assist handle and a double leaf door. If you want the windows open at night, two options have fly-screens and block-out blinds. To ensure your safety, there are three emergency or camping LED spotlights.
  • In terms of the interior and electrical components, the size of the beds range from single to queen and are dependent on the configuration of the camper. Our Australian expedition vehicles contain all the necessary elements for camping comforts, such as the stainless-steel sink with a tap mixer and pull-out hose, drinking fountain with purifier, internal shower and toilet, 122-litre internal upright compressor fridge and freezer, diesel cooktop and a diesel heater.
  • There are a plethora of extras for you to consider that cater to your needs and comfort requirements. Some of these include an induction cooker, 68-litre locker fridge, 2,5kg washing machine and side toolboxes to mention a few.

About EarthCruiser

Our expedition trucks in Australia are unique in that they deliver in every aspect and has passed the test of harsh local and international conditions. Comfortable long-distance driving and a pleasurable experience when you’re off the road make our campers the best around. Our prototype had to endure 700km of dunes to reach the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia which demonstrated the quality of the suspension, on-board systems, floor configurations and overall function. It didn’t stop there as we tested the vehicle overseas on a 27 000km trip across Russia and Mongolia.

Our collective experience of over 65 years in component manufacturing had resulted in this rugged but comfortable vehicle for adventure seekers. Contact us to discuss what the best configuration is for you.