Looking for an Earthcruiser but don’t want to wait? Earthcruiser has just the truck for you!

  • Pre-loved 2010 Single Cab Mitsubishi Fuso
  • 3.6m Camper with 1B Interior Configuration
  • Pre-loved Mitsubishi Fuso with a BRAND NEW Earthcruiser Camper filled with all the modern conveniences of home.​
  • Free and secure accommodation.​
  • Good high driving position for sightseeing and safe touring.​
  • Capable of handling a variety of terrain in comfort.​
  • Great fuel economy and good distance achievable between fuel stops.​
  • Self-sufficient in every respect- no gas or power connections required.​
  • Extremely comfortable on the road and at the end of the day.​
  • This Earthcruiser can tour Australia or it is easily containerized for International travel, no limitations.​
  • Three layers laminated soft wall, all windows with insect and privacy screens. Rated – 30 + 70 deg. c.
  • Four casement type windows with privacy screens and insect screens.
  • Body side skirts with tool boxes.
  • 3500kg capacity tow bar incorporating spare wheel carrier/bumper with recessed tail lamps.

*All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only*




  • Dome moulded structural foam insulated roof dove tailing to walls when closed with double seal.
  • Moulded structural foam insulated walls 40mm thick and insulated floor 50mm thick.
  • Moulded structurally insulated and sealed entry door with dead lock, all locks and latches flush or recessed.
  • Moulded structurally insulated and sealed 2 x locker boxes, fitted with two compression locks, gas hinges and LED lights.
  • Large convenient walk through from cab to camper.



  • 90 litres of Fuel (Additional Fuel available in options)


  • 100 litres of Water (Additional Water available in options)


  • Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
  • Revised Brake lines
  • Revised Exhaust system
  • Gear box and differential breathers fitted
  • Camper chassis mounted to the vehicle chassis with EarthCruiser kinetic mount system
  • 40L Grey Water Tank


  • 2 x 120Ah 12 volt AGM House Batteries
  • 120Ah Vehicle Start Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Inverter Charger
  • 400 watts Solar Panels fitted on the roof
  • Solar regulators
  • Electric awnings recessed into roof
  • Electric roof lifters
  • Master and slave touch screens situated both in the cab and camper
  • Water tank level monitor
  • 12v accessories sockets fitting in camper and cabin
  • LED lights fitted throughout the camper


  • Diesel fuelled Webasto Cooktop
  • Eberspächer Hydronic Hot Water System
  • 122 Litre upright compressor (106L fridge, 16L freezer)
  • On board water purifier with dedicated drinking tap


  • Full height internal shower
  • Thetford cassette toilet
  • Permanent Double bed with memory foam mattress (125mm)
  • Swing away dinette table which doubles up as a base that also makes the second bed
  • Suspension driver and passenger seats, upholstered in leather

Earthcruiser is Offering a Special Build Price based on the standard specifications listed above. This Offer is only valid throughout the duration of this build.

You will also have an endless list of Optional Extras (not included in the Special Build base price) to choose from to Option up your Earthcruiser.

This Special Build Price is subject to change as this build progresses and up until it’s completion.


  • Additional Fuel Tank
  • Additional Water Tank
  • Front winch 17000LBs
  • Rear winch 13500 LBs
  • Roof rack and scrub bar
  • Air Intake Snorkel
  • Window Tinting
  • 50” LED Light bar
  • Spotlights
  • UHF 80 Channel CB Radio (GME) with aerial
  • Lithium House Battery
  • Lithium Start Battery
  • Additional Solar Panels
  • Reversing camera (Dual camera setup)
  • Sirocco fans (fitted in the roof)
  • Rear mounted Airconditioning unit
  • Rear locker with electric BBQ
  • 68L Locker fridge/ freezer
  • Second spare wheel carrier including winch assisted spare wheel & wheel covers with bags.
  • Rustproofed Chassis
  • Rustproofed Cab

For more information please contact Mark Fawcett

Mobile: 0412 64 24 37

E-mail: sales@earthcruiser.net.au