Earthcruiser Express – XPS

The Vehicle:

  • Fits most Australian Utes
  • Tub and Tray,
  • Dual/Crew, Space/ King and Single Cabs
  • 2WD / 4WD / AWD

The Camper

  • Fully moulded in one piece
  • High Density Thermal Foam Walls, Floor and Roof – (For Strength, Heat and Cold Protection)
  • Approximate Dry Weight 280kg (Varies with Options)
  • Inside Height under Roof 1980mm
  • Width of Camper 1730mm
  • 3 Exterior Emergency / Camping LED Spot Lights
  • 2 Opening Windows, Fitted with Fly-screen and Block-out Blinds
  • Clam Shell Rear Door with Steps (Aircraft Type)
  • Tilt Up, Gas Strut Assisted Roof
  • 4 Wind up Adjustable Legs (For Slide on Fitment)
  • 90L (Additional water available)

Interior / Electrical:

  • Sleeps 4 (Recommended 2 Adults, 2 kids)
  • 2 Double Beds (Convertible Dinette)
  • Interior Lights
  • 12v Outlet
  • Stainless Steel Sink and Tap Mixer with Pull Out Hose
  • Fresh Water Drinking Fountain with Purifier
  • 70L Fridge with Freezer
  • Internal Shower
  • Touch Screen Control (80+ Functions)
  • Water Pump
  • Fold Down Swivel Table with Legs for Outdoor Use
  • 130w Solar Panels (540w Solar Panel Upgrade available)
  • Ship to Shore Plug In
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • High Density Mattress with Memory Foam Topper

Optional Extras

  • Integrated Awning
  • Integrated LED Light Bar
  • UHF 80 Channel CB radio (GME) with aerial
  • Internal Toilet
  • Diesel Cook-top – Single Pot
  • Diesel Heater – Air & Water – Air – Climate Control – Water – Continuous Hot Water
  • Lithium 200amp Earthcruiser Battery and BMS Or AGM 200amp Earthcruiser Battery and BMS
  • 1600w Inverter / Charger
  • Touch Screen Control (80+ Functions)
  • Camper Air Conditioner
  • Integrated Roof Fan

Please contact for additional information on pricing and available options

4WD Camper

EarthCruiser is the Perfect All-Round 4WD Camper for You

If you want a reliable 4WD camper that can handle even the most daunting adventures, why not consider our EarthCruiser options? We will provide you with your new home away from home in the form of a beautifully designed camper with an exceptional range of features. If you want the camping experience of a lifetime, EarthCruiser is a perfect choice.

Signs You Should Upgrade Your 4WD Truck Camper to an EarthCruiser

You might have a camper already, but you might also find yourself often wondering if it is time for an upgrade. Here are some signs we think should make if you consider upgrading to an EarthCruiser:

  • Your current camper just does not have enough space anymore. Maybe your family grew, or you have always sacrificed a little on space and no longer want to do it. Either way, our campers provide all the room you need.
  • Your current camper does not meet your technical requirements. If your current camper is a glorified room on wheels, you might want to consider getting something with a little more to its technical side. Our EarthCruiser offers a wide range of features, from water tanks and pumps to pull-out drawers that lock while you drive and much more.
  • You want some trade-in value for your current camper before it is too late. If your camper has seen better days, it might be worth trading it in before the trade-in value drops too low. Using the money from the sale to invest in an EarthCruiser will help you make sure you get ultimate value from the trade-in.

The Importance of Having the Right 4WD Truck Camper

While some campers can certainly make life easier in some regards, they can also lack in others. So, what exactly makes a camper the right one for your family? Here are some things we think make any camper worth your time:

  • Some form of energy generation. Nowadays, having access to electricity is almost always a necessity. If your camper can provide you with a form of clean energy generation, it is certainly a great benefit. Our EarthCruiser EXP has three 160-watt solar panels to help you meet your energy requirements.
  • Durability is always important. Make sure that the camper you choose can withstand the long trips you plan to take with it. Few things are as annoying as your camper breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
  • Make sure your camper has ample space for necessities. We do not mean the basic things that you always pack, such as food and water. We mean things such as the tools you will need to repair damages, replacement wheels, and more.

About Us and Our EarthCruiser 4WD Truck Camper Products

If you love camping as much as we do, the EarthCruiser is the ideal choice for your 4×4. We work hard to bring a premium quality camping experience to all our clients. If you want accessories in addition to a camper, our team can help you choose from a range so that your next camping trip goes the way you envision.

Give us a call when you are ready to take your camping experience to the next level, and our professionals will get you on the road in no time.