Dave’s Earthcruiser

Dave’s Earthcruiser

After planning for 5 years to buy a business  vehicle that will do everything I wanted I selected an Earthcruiser Iveco model, at Helensburgh, NSW Australia “THE BEAST ”

First drive to home base in Western Australia, over the Snowy Mountains, to South Australia across the Nullabor Plains then outback roads to the west coast

The vehicle surpassed all the great expectations I had, and lucky for me an Iveco model was on the market, a second hand, still under warranty, in new condition

Huge Steel Belted TOYO MT’s Open Country tyres, go anywhere plus the German ISRI leather seats give superb ride for negotiating any of type track conditions

Gear and diff selections allow for any situation, with these superb tyres 4WD was used much less than I would have thought and you have so much clear vision from the cab than any other vehicle I have been in

No need to stow any petrol or gas, much safer, the diesel HWS system and stove never let us down, outdoor barbecue and shower used almost all trips

The inside and outside has easy access storage, plenty of space, all is secured like an ocean going yacht, nothing moves when all locked down

Travelling in Western Australia past 12 months the interest by other remote country travellers was amazing, they could not believe you could have so much luxury & comfort with inaccessible out of the way areas

The 6 tonne total load does make you a very careful and safe driver, you can still be gung ho, if you choose, as the vehicle would cope with any style of driver

An unbelievable experience unequalled for me after 40 years of 4 wheel driving in all manner of bone jarring older and even new regular 4WD vehicles

I can recommend to anyone who wants to have a real life outback, go anywhere experience to look at the Earthcruiser models first, owning one of these beasts is worth it, for me it is the ultimate outback work vehicle

All my other four, much smaller work vehicles will now be sold

Dave Bauer Owner Operator Aridlandscapes  Carnarvon Western Australia

DaveEXP31 - Expedition Single Cab Iveco, 440 Camper, 2A Interior

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