Iveco 4WD Camper

Get Your Dream Iveco 4WD Camper for True Adventure

If you love the outdoors and you want the perfect Iveco 4WD camper to accompany your adventures, why not consider the options we have available? With the right camper at your side, the world of 4×4 adventures opens in front of you. Choose EarthCruiser and get a tailored 4×4 experience for you whether you are a lone ranger or prefer to travel with friends and family.

Benefits of Getting One of Our Campers for Your Iveco Daily 4×4

Having the perfect camper makes your travelling life much simpler. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our EarthCruiser campers if you decide to support your adventures with the ideal on-the-road home:

  • You get all the space you need. With assorted sizes available, you can make sure that your travels alone or with the family has the necessary space. You get even more vertical space with the push of a button, so when you are ready to set up camp, your home opens a little more.
  • You have more than enough room for your gear. On the inside, you can expect large removable drawers that have travel locks installed, so they do not fall around while you drive. Whether you want to store fishing rods, skis, tools, or more, you will always have the space to do it.
  • You get state-of-the-art equipment. The EarthCruiser XPR comes with a large 700-litre tank in which you can store your fresh water. You also have a 12V pump and can use it to pump water from separate tanks into various systems of your EarthCruiser, such as the shower or the kitchen.

Related Services We Provide for Your Iveco Daily 4×4 Interior and More

We can supply a wide range of services to spruce up your interior, get more value out of your camper, and much more. Here are some products and services you can expect from our team:

  • You should never leave home without a spare wheel. We have the necessary spare wheel carrier bags to make moving additional tyres a straightforward process. Depending on your size requirement, we can offer you 16-inch or 17-inch bags.
  • If you plan to tackle deep waters, why not consider our option for an Iveco intake snorkel? Perfect for any adventurer planning to brave a few wet roads. It helps you keep fresh air flowing into your engine even on the dustiest roads.
  • If you are going with friends, having a winch bull bar is never a bad idea. If you need to know whether it would suit your vehicle, feel free to ask our professionals.

What You Gain from Purchasing an EarthCruiser for Sale in Australia

Once you set up your EarthCruiser and go on your first adventure, you will quickly notice the significant difference in the quality of life it can offer to your 4×4 trips. With so many appliances, more than enough storage space, and a sleek, modern look, you will never need another camper again.

Call us today and get the perfect EarthCruiser for your next off-road journey.